Our History

Founded in 1999 by founder Jas Brar, a student at the University of Toronto, Ink Thread & Tech Corp. began with its first platform, Entripy. Brar and a group of classmates went searching for custom t-shirts for campus events and organizations. With minimal selection, Brar identified a gap in the market for quality custom apparel and excellent customer service. An entrepreneur at heart, Brar began buying t-shirts wholesale, embellishing them through a third party and selling them back to fellow students.

But relying on third parties meant Brar presented another gap: an increased product lifespan. To increase the fulfillment efficiency, Brar purchased a manual press and started doing his own screen printing for custom clothing out of his parents’ basement in Oakville, Ontario. His parents owned a pizza store and a delivery van, which Brar was famous for driving around to deliver custom t-shirt orders instead of pizzas.

Entripy eventually grew out of the basement and began incorporating new software and machinery for embroidering, digital printing and screen printing. Since 1999, Ink Thread & Tech Corp. expanded with three additional platforms to serve the various needs of custom apparel. EntripyShops (founded in 2015) helps schools and teams fundraise with spirit wear, ZipMerch (founded in 2019) provides businesses with an on demand uniform and branded apparel printing service and Slaite (founded in 2020) helps creative entrepreneurs bring their designs to life through a print-on-demand and drop-shipping e-commerce application.

Today, Ink Thread and Tech Corp. operates four unique platforms out of a state-of-the-art 50,000 square foot facility in Oakville, Ontario. Our in-house production allows customers to buy direct, fulfilling Brar’s vision of a company that provides quality products at low prices and a fast turnaround time to clients of various needs.